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Matt Stone

As for waking up to pee in the night…

I don’t think it’s a huge deal, but it tends to arise and worsen as metabolic rate falls, with increasingly-severe symptoms the lower metabolic rate gets. It’s not something you are likely to eradicate overnight, but seeing that the tendency improves over time is a positive sign I’d say.


Stress hormones are highly catabolic, and prevent lean tissue from being built. I think those that eat a lot but can’t gain any weight–and are actually underweight, shows excessive activity of the sympathetic nervous system similar to what would be observed while taking high doses of stimulants. Metabolic rate in the traditional sense may be high, but it is not driven by the thyroid but most likely by excessive adrenal activity, which can actually atrophy the thyroid. When these hormones are lowered successfully, anabolism is much more easily achieved. It also reveals a pretty sluggish metabolic rate underneath all that.