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Whastup guys.

Wipergreaser, I am a 19 year old male. I’ve been following Matt’s advice and guidelines since July right around my 19th birthday. I’m 5’8″. When I first started I was 150 or so lbs and barely had any muscle on me. I was definitely fat skinny.

Fast forward to now- I weigh almost 215 lbs. The weight gain scared the hell out of me at first. And it came with really bad acne. I had acne before, but nothing like this. I thought I was done gaining at 180, then 195, then 210, but seems like I’m still gaining, just a lot slower now. But I’m feeling better overall even though I look pretty unhealthy and sick. My temps are up, I’m more positive, I can focus more, I can laugh a lot more, etc.

I stopped listening to my body and started eating health foods again a month or two ago because I was so sick of being fat. That brought my temp down to 95 Fahrenheit upon waking and I was kinda becoming miserable again. Freaking out about the littlest things. The past week I’ve been pigging out on all kindsa candy, fast food, etc and I’m feeling better. My waking temp was almost 97 today.

I feel ya on the parents thing. Mine are difficult too. Not much understanding. Can’t change em though, can only make the best of the situation and stay positive.

I guess I’ve just come to the conclusion that this is what I gotta go through to heal. I don’t really have a choice in the matter. Just something I gotta get through. I’ll be stronger and healthier because of it in the long run. Sometimes thinking of the long run helps me stay positive when I feel like things suck. A lotta things in life are like that I think. You gotta get through the pain period to find the real rewards and happiness.

I think you’ll be happy if you stick it out.