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@Dutchie, I remember reading stuff people would say to do and think “that’s great that works for you” especially in my low carb and herbal days. You’re right, I have no idea what it’s like to be a female, but I suspect the typically higher body fat content causes more aromatase expression (forms more estrogen). Eat raw carrots frequently, keep your vitamin E and magnesium intake adequate to oppose this. But these are just details again that you could say work or don’t work. Just trying to help.

As for me, I’m 30. One half of my family has diabetes and thyroid issue history, the other half obesity and heart disease. If my theories on epigenetics are correct, northern Europeans (I’m Norwegian and German) have the strongest HPA stress axis and therefore, probably the best ability to use protein and fat for energy to enable survival. This would mean I probably have some of the worst genes for a sexy, lean physique.