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@StephanieMichelle, Per Roddy and Peat, Vitamin A (not from beta-carotene) combines with LDL cholesterol and Thyroid hormone T3 (from liver’s conversion of T4) to form pregnenolone which forms (progesterone-> cortisol-> aldosterone) and (DHEA->testosterone->estrogen.)

If you aren’t getting adequate Vitamin A, you likely are deficient in pregnenolone and therefore, progesterone and DHEA, two youth associated hormones. As other writers talk about, cortisol and estrogen interfere with metabolism meaning you have to try keeping it in the “sweet spot.”

Progesterone, according to Roddy, is what makes women’s hair luxurious in pregnancy.

I don’t recommend supplementing with individual hormones due to potential imbalances. Beef liver is a good source of pre-formed Vitamin A. There is something called Nutrisorb-A that works well if you don’t eat enough dairy, red meat, liver, etc.

Vitamin A DOES increase photosensitivity (maybe good for Vitamin D formation?) and can cause blindness in extreme amounts. Be careful.