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@Fon2d2, I’m not sure if RQ is important, and don’t understand why/how a bear preparing for hibernation would increase it. I know Ray Peat says due to long periods between breaths during sleep, the body concentrates CO2 which is protective of the organism.

Here is why I find it interesting. Ray Peat is huge on CO2 levels.

As I understand it, when the body burns glucose with adequate oxygen, it produces CO2 at a 1:1 ratio. I’m not sure if Citric Acid or Malic acid can be metabolized for energy which would skip a few steps of the Citric Acid cycle required for glucose metabolism. If they are, they are oxygen dense so can release even more CO2 to the body. Higher serum CO2 levels (if my basic understanding is correct) would dilate blood vessels for better circulation, and help facilitate a higher body temperature which would equate to a higher metabolic rate.

I’m not sure if it can, but maybe CO2 can be broken down to form O2 in the body when respiration/dietary sources don’t supply adequate exogenous O2. This compares to Lactic Acid which is formed when respiration / dietary sources of oxygen (like fatty acids or alcohol in my chart) aren’t high enough. Roddy says lactic acid is toxic to the body.