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@Real Amy
Yeah, I tried moderation before and it didn’t work out for me. The main problem is a debilitating appetite that interferes with the quality of my life.


My goal is to try to find a sustainable lifestyle that works for my biochemistry.


Diet that I followed:
I did no carb approximately, 90% Fat and 10% protein. I averaged about 60 to 70 grams of protein a day and the rest of my diet was the fat in beef/eggs/cheese along with butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and Ghee. I dropped the Red Palm Oil because I hated the taste and didn’t enjoy my food with it. I also used green powder to supply vegetables. (I absolutely hate eating vegetables and I know that stuffing food down my throat that I hate is not sustainable.) I also ate a few Brazil Nuts every day for Selenium. I plugged most my food into fitday and took supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps in my diet.

The Good
1. Food tasted good. I would have no problem eating this way for life if the diet had worked out for me.
2. Lost an inch around my waist
3. I could go several hours between meals without getting dizzy.
4. Didn’t Crash unless I ate too much protein in one meal
5. Sleep was very good

The Bad
1. Mental focus started out really good but deteriorated over time
2. My eyes seem to be a little more bloodshot than usual.
3. Asthma may have worsened a little bit (mild wheezing)
4. I looked older in the mirror
5. General Sluggishness

Interesting Points
1. This time around I went into ketosis in less than a day.
2. No low carb induction this time, seemed like my body was already adapted to low carb.
3. I don’t know if the bad results I got were the result of not going high enough in calories or being too low in carbs. I researched this thoroughly and the “experts” seem to be divided on this issue.

What I will Try Next
1. Slowly get my body used to carbs by eating some starch every couple of days and building up the amount.
2. I will try a cyclic ketogenic diet where I take myself out of ketosis once every few days with a high carb evening. (Got this idea from Dave Asprey)

1. I really want to find a way to make low carb living sustainable because I really enjoy this way of eating. It is in complete alignment with my taste buds.
2. I am going to make the assumption for now that my bad results on the diet were the result of a glucose deficiency. This assumption is based on looking at the results through the lens of Paul Jaminet’s work.