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@Scott_Schlegel Hey im 29 and my ancestors are from Spain and the Caribbean. I wanted to know if you felt a difference between consuming fruit (fructose) over starch (tubers)? You did mention you have less gas. Do you train with weights? Im trying to get into contest prep condition (3-5% body fat). Do you think that a low-calorie fuctose-based approach would give me an edge over my competitors? In the bodybulding culture they only believe in starches (rice, potatos, yams) and think fruit will make them fat and insulin resistant.

I already started drinking juice and keeping calories in deficit. I am adding salt to each drink. Also know that Im poor so I cant afford to buy fresh fruit and I can only get fruit juices from concentrate. I also thought of getting canned fruit but I dont know if they have HFCS which I read has starch. Being on a budget sucks. I will like your feedback. Thanks.