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Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s an interesting diet that you put together, and I’m sure you learned a lot by experimenting with it. I’m really amazed that you kept an appetite for fat when you were eating well over 200 grams of it a day. That helps me understand why you find the ketogenic diet so appealing.

The big problem with your diet, even discounting your symptoms, is that you were almost certainly shedding lean body mass. You met the basic protein requirements for a sedentary male (just barely), but it’s likely your body also underwent gluconeogenesis in order to fuel your brain. Your diet sounds like a recipe for getting skinny fat, because your muscles are likely to waste away. You need at least some carbs (or more dietary protein) in order to prevent muscle catabolism. If you were lifting weights during this time, I’m curious how your strength and endurance were affected.

You’ve probably read about Jan Kwasniewski’s Optimal Diet. I’m not personally a fan, but it’s much more reasonable than what you tried. You can still feast on all the fat you want, but there are some carbs built in for daily glucose needs. For a zero-carb diet, you’re going to need a lot more protein.

I do agree with you that there’s no point in eating food you don’t like. Good luck with your attempts a carb cycling. I think you’ll find that a lot more sustainable than no carbs at all.