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oh dear, David, I think you may be off here. As a recovering anorexic I highly suspect that our friend here was headed down the path towards a serious restrictive eating disorder combined with anorexia athletica. I could be totally wrong but my ED intuition is screaming here. And if I’m right, wipegreaser, all you need to be doing right now is eating and resting. Exercise is the last thing you need to worry about. Let your body heal. Then think about what types of sport you might like to do-whether that be running or soccer or bowling, whatever you like. As far as your parents, that is really, really tough. But again I suggest seeing if you can get in with an eating disorder counselor. That might be an avenue to discuss what’s going on with your parents, because they sounds seriously disordered themselves. Eating McDonalds is not a banishable offense! Anyway I state again that I might be off here so I think step one is to get a real person who knows about eating disorders (counselor? Therapist? running coach you trust?) to listen to you so you can figure out if that’s what’s going on, and if it is, get yourself some support. I think that David’s advice is well-meaning and fine for a typical teen who is trying to balance health with living a normal carefree teenage boy life. But I suspect something more intense is happening with you.