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OP says he started at 138 just 2 months ago. IF this is in fact a case of anorexia or anorexia athletica he is in the VERY early stages of recovery and not at all ready to start exercising again. Starting too early will just lead him straight back down the rabbit hole.

If your position is that regimented, scheduled exercise is right for everyone then I fundamentally disagree with you. I don’t think it is necessary for everyone to schedule formal exercise in order to be healthy. And I certainly don’t think its appropriate for someone in early recovery. I’m not trying to start an argument at all because I respect the members of this forum including you. But I think the OP should also know that what he is getting from us is based on our own perspectives. Mine is from someone who got sucked into the rabbit hole of an eating disorder and has been desperately trying to climb out for 10+ years. I wish someone had recognized these behaviors in my for what they were in the early stages to save me the wasted years and pain. I had lots of well meaning folks telling me to eat x% protein/carbs/fat and to try xyz workout as a solution to what was, in actuality, various permutations of anorexia/anorexia athletica/orthorexia. And coming from this perspective, continuing with ANY exercise feeds the fires of the disease and it has kept me stuck. Your perspective is based on a different history entirely and is of course equally valid. I just think our young friend needs to realize that IF he’s dealing with an emotional/psychological problem with his relationship with food and his body, then the answer will not lie in yet another workout schedule.