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I understand your disagreement, and I appreciate the respectful way you expressed it. You’re absolutely right that we tend to approach problems from our own backgrounds. I admit completely that I’m something of a bright-eyed evangelist for exercise because of how well it’s worked for me, and in my own experience, I’ve also seen people deteriorate quickly when they become sedentary. This could be because they stopped exercising, lost a job that kept them active, or no longer had time for a sport or activity they enjoyed, but whatever the situation, sitting around wasn’t good for them.

I do agree that scheduled exercise isn’t necessary for health, but I do believe that physical activity is necessary. Many people (including myself) just aren’t that active unless they schedule it, because modern life doesn’t really require much movement.

I am no expert on eating disorders, and so I’m asking this honestly: Is 50 pounds of weight gain really not enough to be ready for exercise, if a high calorie intake is maintained? I could understand enforced inactivity if a person was still very thin, but 188 isn’t thin, and even 138 isn’t that low for a teenage boy of average height. I probably weighed about that much in high school, and I worked at a pizza restaurant and never would have dreamed of restricting calories.

Again, I appreciate your respectful disagreement. I’m glad you posted your alternate view for anyone who feels they are at risk of falling back into a disorder, because I certainly wouldn’t want my advice to lead to anyone hurting himself or herself.