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Hi jstate, just wanted to add that you are not alone. I have put a lot (and I mean a LOT) of weight on since March last year but I was in a very bad way. V skinny, having panic attacks most days, not sleeping, hair falling out etc etc. I’ve gone from 124 lbs to almost 200 lbs. This is fairly horrific for me as I’ve always been a slim person but I’m trying to keep calm and tell myself its for the greater good. It’s been a long, slow journey! Making things far worse though… enter the boyfriend…who I’ve been with for nearly 7 years. He no longer likes the way I look. He thinks I’m crazy and am just doing something else extreme now (I got into this mess by being very extreme low carb for 3 years). He doesn’t really listen to me when I tell him that I’m starting to feel better (although it’s very up and down) and just judges by the way you look. I look kind of like I would imagine a pregnant duck to look!! Very large bottom and very large, pregnant looking stomach..which often feels like alien babies are going to pop out of it! I’ve gone up so many dress sizes and he is just beside himself…which he tells me is for the sake of my health??? Anyway, I think I just wanted to vent too! I get frustrated by so many things, ie. its hard to find clothes to fit, I still don’t feel so much better (which would offset the way I look a little bit!) and the lack of support from my boyfriend. I like to tell myself we’ll all get there in the end though, with much greater health, no matter what the state of our relationships (although yours sounds a bit better than mine so hopefully you guys will be fine)…and greater health is definitely a prize worth fighting for :-) Good luck xxx