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Anna, Sa230e has a valid point with regard to the testing. I have been on serotenergic drugs (SSRIs) on and off for 14 years, and desperately want to get off. I looked into the neurotransmitter testing and found that there is scant evidence to support anything other than the spinal tap method, and even that is just a snapshot in time (no way to know what your levels have been before, history of fluctuation and such). I would be wary of messing with your serotonin and GABA, as it can result in downregulation of the receptors, and create rebound problems after you discontinue the supplements. The best thing you can do, in my humble opinion of course, is exercise regularly (30 mins / day of moderate intensity cardio) and eat in accordance with Matt’s suggestions. I know it is hard to exercise when you are fatigued, but it helps regulate everything.