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My temp hit 98.8 this morning after breakfast and a over a quart of milk (prenatal appointment today and I’m SO tired of being told I’m “dehydrated”). I’ve really been seeing the biggest changes in my temps in the month and a half or so since I started drinking tons of milk. *happydance*

I’ve hidden the scale since it doesn’t tell my anything productive, but I have been glad to get the feedback of the thermometer as it has helped me discover a few things I needed to moderate more and seeing a temp of over 98.6 is a serious encouragement!

One more month of pregnancy and while my muscles haven’t gained strength enough to give me the stamina I could wish for, I do have energy and it feels great. I just have to sit down and play legos with my little man regularly, shucks. :)

Rachel, as for milk being expensive, is gatorade really less than milk in a cost per gallon comparison? I can’t stand the stuff so I have no idea what it costs, I just thought those kinds of drinks weren’t super cheap. I would certainly prefer to drink only organic, grassfed milk, but that IS expensive and I’m willing to compromise that preference to see these gains.