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Okay, a powder I can see being cheaper, though that makes me wonder if it might work better for you if you diluted it less? But really, I’d still go for the milk personally.

I tried the salt and sugar blend twice when I had an episodes of cold hands and I didn’t notice much (if any) improvement either. What did work miraculously for me was a slice of toast liberally smeared with butter and honey and sprinkled with a little salt. Tasted great and my hands were toasty warm halfway through the slice. That was one of my first big breakthroughs with feeling the real effect that food has on me.

Another thing that I realize I haven’t mentioned in this thread is a few weeks ago my naturopath started me on some support for my thyroid after getting some not so pretty lab results back. My thyroid values had been borderline before but the pregnancy apparently pushed things too far and even by conventional doctor standards they weren’t working right. Within a few days the minor constipation I’ve had for years was COMPLETELY gone and now I’m seeing the temps up around 98.6 occasionally. It may just be that my healing had gotten to that point on its own but considering the lab results I’m inclined to think that the treatment has to get some of the credit.

I really hate to suggest something else for you to worry about, but if it hasn’t been looked at it could be interesting to get your thyroid levels checked.