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Alatoras, that’s a good point you bring up but I was feeling good. I’ve been appreciating NOT having cold hands and feet so much that I really do notice when they happen and I didn’t have any issues with them yesterday. The symptom that actually seems to show up for me even before cold hands is diluted/frequent urination and that also most definitely was not an issue yesterday. The reason I drank so much in the morning is I was headed to a prenatal appointment and I’ve been told at EVERY visit that I’m dehydrated and I wanted to avoid that for once. Turns out that even drinking a gallon of milk over the course of the day the day before and a quart and a half in the morning before the appointment, I was still concentrating my urine enough that they told me I was dehydrated. I finally got them to admit I was drinking enough fluids though so whatever. :)

Mmmfood, as for salted drinks I tried it and just decided to eat my salt with my drink. Milk has 120mg per cup so that’s not insignificant, but other than broth which I drink occasionally when it’s cold I just can’t stand how a salty drink tastes. I see no reason why the salt has to be IN the fluid so long as it’s consumed and it’s a helluva lot easier to eat a salty snack than a salty drink.