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Read the book “Body by Science” to get the details, recommended by Matt. In a nut shell start with the Big 5 exercise, overhead press, chest press, pull downs, pull backs (rowing), and leg press. Do the exercises slowly, approximately 10 seconds up and 10 sec down or so you can do them smoothly without shaking. Shoot for approx. 90 sec or so for each exercise. As you can see you only need to do 4-6 reps for each exercise. The key is to reach muscle failure in that time period,where you cannot do another rep but try to do 1 more anyways with resistance even if you can’t move the resistance. Only need to exercise once a week. After about 3 months you may need to increase the interval gradually to allow the muscles to recover fully. You may get to the point where you only exercise once a month, believe it on not. I purchased the ebook at for $9.99. Great investment. This method is backed up by tons of research. I don’t know why people still want to do 3 sets of 10-15 reps when the research doesn’t support it. Also the same with running. Short duration, high intensity is the way to go.

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