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The gist that I got from Matt in response to Dutchie is that is that if you are a woman and you eat over 3,000 calories there is no reason to fear fat. I don’t see any point to his post other than to say ” you too can be like this” otherwise WTF? Why even mention this woman who eats 10,000 calories and work out a lot if she can’t represent even 1% of the women out there. Dutchie had a very extremely valid point in that if a woman consume over 3,000 calories a day she is going to likely going to have a high body fat percentage. But Matt had to chime in that that doesn’t have to be the case and that it was a generalization. So yeah, I’m confused. If it so within reach to consume over 3,000 calories and not be fat then why post her photo? Every time I see a woman on this site it is either – see you can be, or should be, or could be like her only if you could have a fast metabolism: or if your metabolism is low you are going to look like this……

To fuckyeahsugar: my critique was to Matt who posted the woman picture not to the woman in the picture;. I am tired of women’s images being posted to represent what to not look like or what you should look like. My point was that, that woman in the photo is not realistic for anyone I know nor should it have to be. I do not consider her unattractive but I’m certainly not jealous. Now, the women that I’m am within 7 years of age of that have bodies that I am jealous of would include Jennifer Aniston, Tina Fey, Sharon Stone and Cate Blanchett. I have never been jealous of a woman who can compete in a body building competition in how they look – I would only be jealous a bit in how much time they have to spend building their physique and their dedication. Again, I am not saying the woman in the photo is unattractive but she doesn’t have a body I would try to have, even if I could – but since her photo was posted I feel like Matt was saying “See – you could look like this too” to which my response is “Bullshit” and “I don’t want to anyway”.

For some spending a lot of time working out is not something that is hard to do or is hard to do – you just need to prioritize. In media, including blogs or forums like here, it is sometimes a given that you need to work out ________ times a week for ______ amount of time or you are just not prioritizing enough. I just don’t understand Matt posting about her I guess.