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well blurg, you certainly have a lot of emotional outrage at this. a lot of assumptions, beliefs, etc. i think maybe you have to get clear with yourself on a shitload of concepts.

while you may not like or enjoy exercise as it is commonly portrayed i.e. “bodybuilding”, it’s true that active full range movement patterns and resistance is required for good health. you can be thin and old and not be able to do a full bodyweight squat, get off the toilet seat without your hands helping you, slip easily on wet sidewalks, hurt your back reaching for something… all of this is basic movements. the girl in the picture obviously takes it to an advanced level that took years of dedication and luck and skill.

look like tina fey if you want, its probably easy for tina fey – a lot of ENJOYABLE activity – writing, acting (acting classes and training burn tons of calories) playing with her kid, running around new york, maybe a few yoga classes from a private trainer. are you tina fey or cate blanchett? no, you’re not. you don’t have the resources.
wanting to look like them is just as ridiculous as NOT wanting to look like the girl in the picture.

why dont you focus on being a healthy and STRONG and resilient version of YOU, which would include being able to do some real pull ups.