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“My main stressor was the reactive hypoglycemia.

I could not figure it out (and still can’t). Adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, low thyroid function? I gave up speculating and guessing, as I had no formal diagnosis and blood tests were completely normal.”

Hi Cindy, I am in the exact same boat as you in terms of reactive hypoglaecemia causing problems. Also all my bloodwork says i’m perfectly healthy!(Sigh) I seem to have it in varying intensities throughout the day, its almost like a heart rate monitor, up down up down etc, always there to some degree. In my foggy haze, just like you I can imagine, Im trying to figure out what the heck this hormonal reaction is after eating foods…is it adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance low thyroid function OR all of them?!

What I’ve learnt is that when your not supplying enough sugar to your body your adrenal glands start pumping out hormones (cortisol) to raise
blood sugar levels. Since I’ve gone off the low carb to medium/high carb the symptoms were still there all day, every day, but since I’ve been ingesting more sugar with starches my adrenal fatigue/power plate feeling has MUCH reduced and I feel much more balanced (parasympathetic) BUT i still get the slight hypoglaecemic reaction to fruits and eating starches, is this insulin resistance?

Can anyone explain this?

Cindy keep in touch as it seems were travelling a similar path.

Best wishes