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Steven e

You’ve judged wrong Paul. It clearly doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for a lot of people, including me. My life is way better post re-feeding and right now I’m running around outside in a tee shirt digging an 8 foot hole in the moonlight at 1800′ feet on a not super warm night because I’m FUCKIN’ STOKED!,14386/ You are probably right that pigging out and Matt’s other suggestions are not going to work if the thyroid is truly broken, but it is just turned down in a lot of people by an unhappy body that needs some rest and re-building. If someone is low temp, it seems a lot better to give lifestyle modifications a try rather than just go on meds indefinitely, when it does work for so many people. Your sampling of information here may be a little small. I’ll go back to my hole now.