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I have tried a low starch, high sugar diet with no success (Ray Peat). In fact, I have been frantically experimenting with NO improvement in symptoms. Intermittent fasting, revisting low carb (the root of my problems! And funnily enough… applying those principles in my diet again left me short of breath for 3 weeks after that brief 7 day stint), mixing protein with my meals.

I still have no formal diagnosis. Refeeding has only improved my fatigue to an extent (nothing significant). I have regular bowel movements, my breathing rhythm is nice and comfortable, I feel stronger – but the fatigue still plagues me. Since I feel a little better, I might start exercising. The next stop will be low GI. If neither work, I will continue refeeding and be patient. I need my life back.

Have you researched into Chinese medicine? I went for an acupuncture session last week, and she pinned needles around my abdominal area, claiming that my digestion was weak… can’t say I feel any different. I’m considering arranging an appointment with a Chinese herbalist instead.


Thank you for that. The advice is quite contradictory, since ‘conventional wisdom’ (labelled Satan advice on the MDA forums) advises limiting carbs (or anything that will spike insulin) throughout the morning and eating carby meals at night… will attempt this experiment myself. How did you feel when you started experimenting with this? How long did it take you to reverse morning hypoglycemia? Did you focus on sugar or starch? Thanks.