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@shallowmeya, thanks so much for your incredibly well written response.

– I’ve had tests to show “leaky gut”, SIBO and yeast overgrowth. Surprisingly, those are not my greatest issue….the fact that when I ingest anything, and I mean anything…within 1-20 minutes my body releases a cortisol/adrenal/inflammatory stress response. This cannot be an intolerance or sensitivity as that takes at least 45mins to 2 hours for food to reach the small intestine. (Unless it’s E.E. mentioned below)

and @cindy01. So the million dollar question is, what the fudge could it be?

Carbohydrate sensitivity? Glucose intolerance? Insulin resistance? It’s obviously something metabolic or my greatest fear, esophageal encephalitis. If you’ve got that, game over. People have to be on elemental diets for pretty much the rest of their lives because their sensitive to all foods. Basically both of us have some metabolic issues>blood sugar issues>hormonal issues. Interestingly, since I’ve been working on my supposed low metabolic issues by eating the most devilishly naughty starchy/carby/sugary foods my blood sugar issues have become a little less eratic and my stress response hasn’t been going off left right and centre and as a result my adrenal fatigue/ hormonal (whatever you want to call it) issues have improved. But I still get post carb hypoglaecemic symptoms being mainly brain fog>speech/thinking issues, shaking and this rushing feeling(basically sympathetic state). I also get the hormonal issues @shallowmeya I’ve found if i don’t eat within an hour to an hour and a half, so what your saying seems to make sense about eating every hour so not every 3-4 recommended to people with hypoglaecemia! I guess the fact that my body is having these reactions and sending out stress hormones because it’s starving?! And I guess the higher the amount of times per day the stress response is sent out the more you need to eat? I’m starting to warm to the idea of doing this diet.

Finally, am I right in thinking I can eat all this sugar/fat/carbs/salt can be eaten with my above IBS issues?