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I was scanning the topics and as soon as I saw yours, I thought, “oh god…” I had a terrible time with it. I was assured that the levels of hormones were negligible and all that too. After gaining significant weight, about 20lbs on my 110lbs (and healthy, I’m quite small) body. My weight being stable pretty much since I was 15 ! – I am now 30 and developing cystic acne (I barely had acne as a teen) I had it removed. I had it in for about a month. Actually that’s the reason I found 180Degree health. It’s been 3 years since I had it out and I feel like I am almost… almost recovered. I still get really bloated like 5+ pounds, before my period…
So be careful. Of course everyone is different but I will NEVER put hormones like that in my body ever again.