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I did the low carb thing for two years. Before that I was overexercising, overworking, not eating enough, lots of alcohol.

When I began the low carb phase I was experiencing dizziness, extreme fatigue, neck and jaw pain. I did low carb for about 2 years. I felt great at first, had abs, and grew stonger and then as I declined my poor symptoms increased. No libido, no energy, poor digestion, acne, freezing hands and feet, receding gums so on.. My temp was around 35.5 and pulse 50.

I began refeeding about 6 months ago. I have been quite aggressive and have been eating anything and everything I feel like. Including gluten which I had not had for at least 3 years.

At first i felt extremely horrible experiencing poor digestion, abdominal pains, back pains, shoulder pains, corpse like fatigue, shivering, dental pain, but I just kept on listening to my body, and kept track of the positive signs that my metabolism is improving. Body temp, Stronger hair and nails, libido, skin quality, handling more fluids, motivation to be creative and artistic, a lot more social, and less motivation to sit on the internet and read heaps of bullshit about nutrition.
So far I have gained around 35kgs, and I think my weight has stabilised. Now my body temp is usually 36.8 – 37.2 and pulse 80-85. No more cold hands :)

Things have improved dramatically and its still early days. I am experimenting with small workouts but only if I really feel like my energy stores are above normal.

You really must listen to your body and try stay positive. If you crave something, eat it. If you feel like sleeping, sleep. If you feel like crying, CRY! Be kind to yourself, and lay your expectations that you must do more, earn more, achieve more, socialise more, lose weight, grow muscle, do what others expect, in order to love and approve of yourself to rest. Go easy on yourself, try not to shame yourself, and don’t shame yourself for shaming yourself.
There is a lot to learn about yourself in this process beyond ‘what is the perfect food’.

Best wishes!