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Hi Leighton,

Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it.

I actually don’t have orthostatic intolerance, although I do suppose I have some symptoms of dysautonomia — like anxiety, delayed gastric emptying, and of course (more than) ‘excessive fatigue’.

But no dizziness or faint feeling when standing, in fact my BP has gone up during the last 2 years or so as I increased my sugar intake. So I’ve countered that with magnesium, fish oil, and vitamin e, which brought it down to the normal range within about a month.

This feeling (or sometimes lack of feeling) in my legs and feet is hard to describe, but it does feel worse when my blood vessels are constricted. So while I’ve read about the compression hose, I have a feeling that they would just make things worse but maybe I’m missing something, or misunderstanding something about them?

It is quite common for peeps with ME/CFS to have orthostatic intolerance and dysautonomia, which I guess can come as a result of low blood volume, and yes, many have found compression hose very helpful. With my situation, it feels like not only low blood volume, but low blood levels — you know, like I’m about a quart low — not enough to go around?

I’ve tested positive on 2 (out of 4) occasions for parasites over the last 11 years, and have recently found info that suggests that 90% of testing misses parasites, so am wondering if perhaps that might be an issue? Maybe I have parasites eating my food or screwing up digestion in some way — perhaps in the gallbladder(?) or liver or the gut as well?

I know’that sounds like another scam diagnosis, but it just might be something worth pursuing??

Thanks Leighton.