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Hi again DannyJ,

Yea, you can actually have an elevated bp and still have issues with orthostatic intolerance–however, it is less common. You mentioned that you are taking fish oil (which is fat). Maybe, if you seem to be tolerating it well, try adding fatty fish to your diet? I know that not everyone on this website is a fan of fats that are not saturated, but I would explore all options that may work for you.

No, you are not misunderstanding the compression hose. Some people love them, others hate them. I guess that’s just like anything else. The only other thing that I could think of, if you try them, is that you want them to be tight at the ankle and not so tight through the calf. Unfortunately, even well meaning medical professionals will often fit them incorrectly.

Hmmmmm. You feel like you are actually low in blood? How are your red blood cells? Any abnormalities? That would be too simple a solution, but you never know. I would think that any movement you could do would be beneficial (just to get things somewhat circulating), but I realize with CFS this is often a horrible suggestion.

I would absolutely look into parasites. When the traditional medical community has completely failed you, I would look into anything and everything. Of course, taking everything with a grain of salt and doing a proper cost/benefit–risk/reward analysis. And yes, the gallbladder is a common offender in the inability to tolerate fats.

For whatever it’s worth, about a decade ago, I lost an obscene amount of weight. I was eating and eating and I literally melted (being that your appetite is reduced, I realize that you are in a different situation). At this same time, I had surpassed my ability to tolerate stress and I felt like something was eating me. I saw an endocrinologist and my cortisol levels were horribly elevated (blood, urine and salivary). He told me to, “Calm down and do yoga.” (Great, thanks, I never thought of that.) Anyway, it was not until my stress level was reduced that the feeling of being eaten went away and I was able to regain some weight. Most likely your weight loss is occurring because of other factors, but maybe something is really eating you? Unlikely, but an interesting thought.

All the best, DannyJ. I hope you have a good weekend.