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I think food raising your cortisol is a temporary symptom until you get your metabolism up to par. I honestly don’t think it matters in the beginning how you are raising your temps if you’re eating the right foods and getting enough calories. Studying every detail is dangerous because you can really stress yourself out over it. Very unpleasant symptoms can follow a low carb diet when you are reintroducing carbs – cortisol and blood sugar issues are very common. Going through all the details and researching them all will only stress you out more. It takes awhile to adjust.

Also, Most people ARE drinking too much water, but be aware you may be pushing yourself into dehydration especially in the winter. I have been finding that I DO need water, otherwise I will get low temps from the stress of dehydration, and unusual cortisol spikes at night. We are in winter up here so humidity is nonexistent. I tracked my temps every 5 min for the last four hours this morning as I’ve been working. The biggest rise in temp was AFTER I drank a couple cups of water with a pinch of salt. I’m at 98.8, but only a little while after the water. My waking temp was 97.1. I’ve also had some orange juice and coffee this morning about 4 hours ago (which got it up to about 98.5 at it’s highest). Water pushed me up to 98.8.

If anyone else has a comment on this, I would be interested.