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It definitely varies for each individual. And for each individual, specific foods yield different results at different times. Interestingly, I have found that as time progressed, foods that were never warming for me I now find warming, and some foods that were warming for me at first are no longer warming.

Sugar used to make me cold, but now it is the most warming thing. Fat used to be the most warming thing, but now if I consume most of my calories from it, I become very cold (I was on a low carb diet before this no-diet diet).

Fruits, fruit juices and smoothies combined with more solid foods like pizza, lasagne or anything with a lot of cheese does it for me. As long as I get over 50% of my calories from sugar (moreso than starch), and LOTS of calories, with plenty of salt, I am warm. I can also get to a point where I can consume pretty much any amount of liquid and not have any issues with it. That comes more towards the end of the day after having consumed a lot of calories, though. It seems like it’s the calories that helps me to deal with lots of liquid.