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I’ve never been a coffeedrinker,but very rarely nowadays I find myself thinking about Cappucino or Latte Machiato.
Do you drink anything in your coffee?

Like people already mentioned….it could be a warmth&pulse of a stressresponse by the caffeine…..but I was thinking the warming effect migth also bc coffee contains some magnesium.
In my own experience it sometimes seems that magnesiumcontaining foods can warm me…..this is kind of a back&forward cycle that I’m in;the ‘raised metabolism’ being warm and having a higher pulse seems to be a stress to the body,which depletes magnesium…so I crave magnesiumrich foods which arent the most optimal sources digestion/metabolic-wise for me.
With this ‘raised metabolism’ I feel (unconsciously) like eating foods(PUFAS,grains all kinds of crap) on&on,drinking a lot…anything that makes my temp drop and usually makes me feel bad physically/lethargic.:s