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Ok, I’m going back on what I originally said about coffee raising my temps (it does, just not long term).. but this is interesting..

Dutchie – When I drink coffee, I drink it with honey & whole milk.. I suppose that’s because of Ray Peat. He swears you need sugar in coffee when you drink it, and so I use that more as an excuse to drink it with sugar rather than doing it for health reasons..

Coffee has a lot of magnesium in it.. just throwing that out there. And may that is why nature put it in there, because it pulls from the body’s energy reserves. With that said, I find that when I START drinking coffee, after having not had any in awhile, it will raise my temps drastically. Same goes for sugar I believe. I feel amazing. My temps go up to 98.6, it’s wonderful. This is short lived, however, because I also get a corresponding crash (in temp and energy). After drinking coffee for a few days though, my temps start to level out, and there’s not as big of a gap in between my lowest and highest temps of the day. I would think that means there is not as much stress being produced from the coffee/sugar, and it’s actually helping the body’s metabolism at that point.

So as of right now, my morning temps are increasing but the difference between my highest and lowest temps is decreasing.. I’m leveling out.. being more consistent throughout the day. So that first day, my high was 98.7.. and I was freaking out that it got that high. But my morning temp that day was 97.1, super low. Today, a few days later, my morning temp was 97.6, but my high was only 98.1.. not as many roller coasters. This is what I think we’re aiming for.

This is all theory of course…