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So I went ahead and listened to Matt’s interview with Marc DAVID. After thinking about it I figured that I probably shouldn’t bash it so much without hearing what he has to say. I thought maybe Matt would have something groundbreaking to say or that maybe he would challenge Marc David is some regard. Regretfully, this wasn’t true AT ALL. There was nothing in this interview that was new to me. It was basically a very simple synopsis of Matt’s ideas, and not at all funny (but lots of ass-kissing). There was no new information that couldn’t be found in one of Matt’s books or the first few “lessons” in his new e-course emails.

If Matt and Marc’s ?common ground? is the importance of stress reduction and mental attitude towards health food, then why are they hosting and participating in this conference that is the epitome of the fuel that feeds people stress and confusion with regard to diet and health, not to mention it is a total time and money suck.

So I am left with the exact same confusion and frustration. I now have no other conclusion but to assume Matt marketed that conference to me for pure profit without regard to the fact that the whole concept of it is was a total slap in the face and a complete hypocrisy to what he has ‘taught? me. I was really starting to doubt all of this, but I was holding out because I really wanted to believe in Matt and believe that he was different. I am sad to say that Matt has lost my respect due to this.

Matt spoke in his interview that his work speaks to the “health -ists” out there and I am starting to concede to that fact. I am now realizing that the information he provids in Diet Recovery 2 and Eat for Heat (and the blog before it went down) did not apply to my situation. I just wish I had realized that 7 months and 40 pounds ago. I still believe what Matt teaches is valuable, and I am sure there are plenty of people out there who have seen amazing results and recovery following his advice – but many have not (including me). I am worse now (mentally and physically) after following Matt’s advice for 7 months than I have ever been. Matt seems to believe that most people reading him are these “health-ists” who are starving themselves. But there are people like me (some of who I have seen post on this forum) who are genuinely sick and possibly even overweight and are trying to wade through all the confusion and debate out “there.” They are looking for answers on how best to deal with their health problems – not just recover from “orthorexia” and/or the effects of low-carb or severely restricted eathing

I think changing the website and introducing these e-courses is definitely a step in the right direction, but I also think that Matt needs to update and be more clear in his books. I have recently re-read both Diet Recovery 2 and Eat for Heat and neither book (nor much of anything else I have read from Matt) address the “other” issues. Actually quite the opposite, he basically alludes (quite arrogantly) that his ideas will work for everyone and every condition. Just like every other person out there trying to “sell” their health ideas. In my opinion, Matt is no different. He has an idea and makes a lot of broad generalizations and promises.

I don’t expect Matt to have all the answers, or anyone for that matter, but I think he needs to be more responsible in how he presents his information (which is looks like he’s doing, but it’s too late for me). I realize that every author (health or not) has a target audience, and I am not suggesting that Matt can help every single person/situation (although he writes as if he can). What I am suggesting is that he present his information in a different way, so that folks can know if this is the right path for them.