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That chiropractor sounds crazy!

My view on calorie restriction is that it’s like you’ve been given a Ferrari, and instead of driving it and enjoying it, you keep it in the garage.

I’m also not sure if it applies to humans as neatly as it does to lab mice or whatever.

My late grandfather in-law was very interesting, he lived to 97. He was very thin, but ate very well, drank coffee every day, liked sugar and sweets. His exercise was a daily bike ride until he was about 94 and became less mobile. He developed some kind of mild dementia after he stopped going out everyday. A year or so before he died, he had a moment of lucidity and we asked him what his secret to long life was, he said “don’t drink water with meals”, that was it, no complicated rules or restrictions :)

He experienced genuine starvation in his youth during world war 2, which I suppose gave him an appreciation of eating well thereafter.

When he died, there was no obvious cause of death, his body just seemed to stop suddenly – like a machine that finally conks out.

ETA: if anyone is wondering, he didn’t follow a particular diet, but ate mostly carbs (potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, cake, cookies), a little deli meat and cheese almost daily, had a salad on the side of each meal (even if the meal was soup!), and some basic fruit daily like an apple or two.

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