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Regarding restless legs & fat. You might try NOW MCT oil. It is liquid. David Apray ( Bulletin Proof Coffee website) sells a super charged MCT oil. I have suffered from restless legs on and off for years. I realized that urinating so much was causing my electrolytes to become unbalanced, which was causing restless legs. I took potassium, zinc, and magnesium. Some people add calcium. It works most of the time. I read in one of Matt’s books that potassium isn’t what you should take, but rather salt. He also mentioned in an interview that after exercising to get back your balance to drink things like Gatorade, but said the soda, Sierra Mist, was the best. Another thing I discovered about restless legs was that your pelvic could be unbalanced, putting pressure on your legs. Not many people know about this and it is a situation that you don’t know you have. Finally, the last cause could be your lower back. If you hip bones are not supported properly, it puts pressure on your legs, causing problems. Chairs and couches don’t offer that support. Same as mattresses. Try sitting on a small board that won’t allow your hips to drop, which puts pressure your lower back. Stand up often.