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I would also read Diet Recovery 2 and right now it’s free on Amazon for the Kindle version. To be honest and with all respect, your diet sounds so boring, bland and repetitive. You need to eat more and you need to add some junk food in there. You may want to drink something other than water. I was so sensitive to water because it was making me pee so much, even if I drank just a little. I ended up drinking the clear Gatorade or Sierra Mist which is made with sugar not High Fructose Corn Syrup. Eventually your body will adjust and your need for water may go up. You have to throw out everything you ever learned about food and trust in your body, not your brain. Eat what tastes good to your body, not what you think you should eat. Your body will reset itself in no time and you can relax around food. Also I used to be a bulimic and a yo-yo dieter. I was obsessed with food, thinking about it all the time, what I was going to eat and now, I’m actually bored with food. I was a health food eater and didn’t drink any soda whatsoever. The junk food stage didn’t last too long for me and I have no need for it now. I have no cravings and eat whatever I want and I’m at a healthy weight. It’s awesome to feel this way towards food. Good luck and remember to eat within 30 minutes of waking up and get the “Diet Recovery 2” from Amazon while it’s still free. It will make more sense to you than just reading “Eat for Heat.”