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I don’t think 2000 is enough to be honest. I am a male, 5’7 and I’m technically supposed to eat about 2300 a day, but I find if I only do that I have all the traits of a guy with slow metabolism. Once I upped it to about 3500 I’ve been getting MUCH better, and really really quickly too. My constipation/excessive foul gas, loose stools, etc, have almost completely disappeared within two days of this! Honestly, up the calories to at least 2800 or so. And also, DONT DRINK TOO MUCH WATER! I think this really helped me too, especially avoiding water while eating. That just dilutes our digestive enzymes, which isn’t good.
Hope that helps. At least give upping the calories a try. What’s the worst that can happen doing that for a week?
Best of luck.