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I found this talk by Doug McGuff, M.D. a couple of years ago and have watched it a few times. You may enjoy it, too.

Paleo Diet & Strength Training Biochemistry:

If you want to skip to the biochemistry, go here:
“Med school biochemistry in a nut shell”’t=1h2m41s

Note this comment about fructose:
“Fructose has the unique capability of still getting into the cell, but it doesn’t need Insulin to do so…”’t=1h19m40s

Have you ever read any of Anthony Colpo’s work? If not, check-out and search for the keyword “lustig.”

It doesn’t take much reading on Anthony’s site to realize he’s not a fan of Robert Lustig — or, Gary Taubes, Low-Carb Diets, Dr. Michael Eades, and others. I do find his writing compelling, though. Also, the writing often makes me laugh aloud, not unlike Matt’s writing.

Oh, here’s a tip about Anthony’s blog:

When reading a post, if the white text on black background makes your eyes go crazy (like it does for me), click the green “Print” button to show the article in black text on a white background.