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Calorie Restriction vs. Intermittent Fasting

I’ve read somewhere that Matt only recommends overeating 12 hrs a day.. giving your body a break. This may be the key. And maybe even a longer break?

I knew I’d read this before, but I found it in an article so you could read the about the actual study.

An enterprising scientist decided to try a little twist on the CR experiment. He divided the genetically-similar animals into two groups, fed one group all it wanted and measured the intake, then fed the other group all it wanted ? except every other day instead of daily. When the intake of the group fed every other day was measured, it turned out that that group ? the intermittently fasted group ? ate just about double on the eat days, so that overall both groups consumed the same amount of food. Animals in the one group at X amount of food per day while the animals in the other group ate 2X amount of food every other day. So both groups ate the same number of calories but the commonality ended there.

The intermittently fasted group of animals despite consuming the same number of calories as the ad libitum fed group enjoyed all the health and longevity benefits of calorically restricted animals. In essence, they got their cake and ate it, too. They got all the benefits of CR plus some without the CR.