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So I didn’t watch every second of Dr. Lustig’s video, but I watched most of it. I’m not familiar with his work, in general, but it seems like he doesn’t so much have a problem with carbohydrates per se, but specifically high fructose corn syrup. In contrast, people like Matt (Stone) and Ray Peat are saying “eat TONS of glucose and fructose, they’re great!” Personally, after reading how much fruit juice Ray Peat drinks every day, I have to say I don’t believe the body needs, or can efficiently use, as many carbs as Dr. Peat and Matt are recommending. There HAS to be a consequence of eating too much. Matt says he’ll eat two or three hundred grams of carbs at a sitting, sometimes. Ray Peat will drink two or three quarters, I believe, of orange juice per day?? Where is the data showing your body needs anywhere NEAR that amount, or showing that eating that amount is completely safe? Those are my concerns.