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Hey, Jman99:

You hit the nail on the head: So many experts, so many opinions.

That’s what really drove me crazy, because I wanted to know the one, universal truth for everyone. But, as I’m finally accepting, there doesn’t appear to be such a thing. It seems to be very individual. And, what may be true for me today may not be true next week.

Chris Kresser recently released a book titled “Your Personal Paleo Code” and it seems to be designed for people to do just that — personalize their diet.

At this point, I’m pretty burnt-out on the health scene, so I’ve not read the book. But, the basic steps in the book are probably largely familiar to most of us that have found our way to Matt’s site.

1. Perform a 30-day elimination diet
2. Reintroduce one food at a time and track how you feel
3. Tweak as necessary (foods, supplements, sleep, etc.)

Remember, if everything worked for everyone, there would be no overweight, underweight, or sick people in the world. It would be nice, though, if that were the case.

Be well,