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elfman5150, like ErinElizabeth said, cane sugar or ‘sugar’ or ‘sucrose’ is one part glucose and one part fructose. Based on the studies I’ve seen, most people handle this just fine ALONE. However, it will not help you absorb an excess of fructose from fruit/honey. ‘Dextrose’ is just free glucose made in a lab by enzymatically breaking down starch.

Unfortunately, very few foods contain free glucose, and the reason is that everything (bacteria, fungus, animals, etc.) can all easily eat free glucose, so storing free glucose would be suicide. (Besides that, free glucose attracts water moreso than sucrose or starch, so it is more wasteful of space to have free glucose). Ripe bananas are about as good as it gets, with about 1/3 fructose, the rest glucose or starch (depending on ripeness). If you can’t buy dextrose (I use NOW Foods dextrose powder), you could try eating some starch with your fruit. Or, you could try rice syrup, which is rice starch broken down via enzymes to shorter ‘oligosaccharides’ of glucose chains (not straight glucose, but easier to digest than long starch). I eat rice syrup like I do honey, by just taking a big spoonful. Essentially all the carbs in rice syrup metabolize to glucose, so it should help balance fruit nicely.