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Simon, so what are you saying about the rotator cuff (RC) muscles and HIT? It wasn’t too clear. I was saying that this HIT program doesn’t focus on all muscle groups, RCs being one group. BC of this you are more likely to tear them (like you did) bc they remain weak while the other “show muscles” become stronger. The RCs aren’t able to take the load that the other muscles where trained for so when you do a different type of exercise that uses them more, you could tear them. So I wanted to know what if there are other programs where I can incorporate other exercises for these muscles (and other muscle groups HIT doesnt hit) and still be an effective workout. Erin, Matt makes it sound like HIT is the holy grail of workouts and everything else is a waste of time. What types programs are good for strength and leanness and what are a waste of time? Should I just focus more on doing exercises much slower using the same concept?
thanks for your help!