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Hi Rachel,

As you noted, I didn’t have a real point about the rotator cuff and HIT, per se. Really, it was more of a cautionary tale of how easy it is to get injured, in the pursuit of becoming more “fit.”

ErinElizabeth said it best:

“…for the long haul I think whatever exercise you actually enjoy doing is the best bet.”

If you want to work the rotator cuff muscles specifically, I’m sure Google will turn-up some suggestions. Or, you could call a local Physical Therapist (P.T.) and ask for some advice. You might also post on the web sites of Robb Wolf[1], Mark Sisson[2], Keith Norris[3], or Doug McGuff[4].

Speaking of McGuff, check-out his video I posted here:

NOTE: If you watch the entire video, please be aware that the conference is called the “21 Convention” and is geared toward the 20-something males. Accordingly, the language and inferences can be a bit loose. I probably don’t need to say much more. :-)

Take care,