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You sound a lot like me! I actually graduated from university in 2012 with my bachelor’s in philosophy, so I certainly am not afraid to think for myself, and take everything I hear/read with a grain of salt (and not only for the metabolic advantage ;)

I took a bunch of languages; French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, and have learned several on my own, though to a much lesser extent. Some of my favorite classes had nothing to do with my major; I think I enjoyed psychology the most, and that has persuaded me to consider going to med school to be a psychiatrist. I am primarily focused on psychotherapy (CBT, REBT, etc), and believe medication should be a last resort. However, I do have hope in the future of medicine and pharmacy, especially the non-conventional treatments such as Ketamine for instance. I think my true passion in life is to get others to feel good about themselves. Our society is a breeding ground for self-doubt and lack of confidence, and I want to remedy that. And heck, psychology/psychiatry can be quite philosophical, so I can take advantage of my undergrad degree. No education is meaningless.

Looking forward to your new, informative posts.