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Welcome to the rabbit hole that is 180 degree health!

One thing that stands out is I don’t see you reporting your temps, have you taken your temps first thing in the morning and at various times throughout the day? You don’t have many of the typical low metabolism signs but you aren’t eating very much so I would be surprised if you had normal body temps. A lot of Matt’s writing is aimed at the dieters/foot nuts/eating disorder recoverers but stress can tank a metabolism too and it sounds like you’ve had enough in the past to set up some emotional causes for your personal metabolism issues.

I’m not familiar with his philosophies (I just found him through the conference Matt participated in last week) but Matt spoke well of
Marc David of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and it seems like that might be a good supplement to 180 for you.

As for the 6000 calories, holy cow, that’s a huge jump from a typical less than 2000. I try to not worry about the calories too much and just try to eat more. I counted my calorie intake at first and found I was way undereating unintentionally myself and struggled to eat more until I started drinking a lot of my calories (mostly whole milk). I find I can easily drink a half gallon of milk in during the day which is a solid 1200 calories on its own without it affecting my appetite. I also have started drinking juice and sweetening my tea for a bit more there (that took me a while as I was coming from sugar phobic territory).

I’ve missed a lot I’m sure but my three year old says I’m done. I wish you luck!