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I always wanted to learn Old English, but never got around to it with the exception of attempting to read Beowulf in its original. One of the ‘nerdiest’ languages I learned was Elvish (Quenya to be exact), and I occasionally browse through my resources on that; my current studies are preventing me from spending too much time on it though – which is probably not a bad thing.

Anyway, I do agree with what you said about pyshciatrists and surgeons. On the one hand, IN GENERAL psychiatrists tend to be more personable, while surgery seems so removed from the individual. Of course, in the medical field it is apparently ‘best’ to not become too invested in the patient, or so I’m told, but that just isn’t my natural inclination. I’d rather try to get to know my patients as well as I can, because that sort of relationship seems most meaningful and therapeutic, in my opinion.

Just realized this is the “Fructose Mal-absorption” thread. So to be relevant somewhat, I LOVE BLUEBERRIES.

If you ever find some cool information, feel free to email the articles to me:
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