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Rosie, that is interesting about the fluoride. I also had to sit with my teeth stuck in trays of fluoride. In my case my whole class did it at school – in Germany! Although it was a British school but I have never heard of any school in England doing that. I also have receding gums – connection or coincidence? As a kid I had very soft teeth, my baby teeth grew through black, no enamel and were all pulled when I was 2. My Mum was told off for giving me dummies dipped in sugar or bottles of juice. She didn’t. My adult teeth grew through eventually, nice and straight but still prone to cavities in my teen years. I am in my 40’s now and they are still hanging in there. I have never heard that teeth could get stronger once they were grown. That is a nice thought and one I will look into further. Matt, interesting newsletter again.