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Thank you both so much for posting, you really don’t know how much it means to me.
@ErinElizabeth- I have been taking my temps, but they haven’t been reacting normally. i.e. the first day I was averaging high 97’s, then the second days I was hitting mid 98’s, and on the third day I was in the 99’s steadily, but when I did eat per mild craving/possibly slight hunger, it would lower my temps, so it almost discouraged me. So I didn’t think they were reliable enough to post.
Regarding the fluids, thanks it did help yesterday I was able to hit above 4000, without much “overfeeding” feelings.

@celticphoenix- Thanks you have reassured me quite a bit. I have always felt like I was in some denial, because whenever I had my food diaries analyzed, it would come within the 1300-1800 range, and some comment regarding how I should be losing weight, yet, I continued to gain. So was I REALLY that obsessed with brownies & cake that I binged on them to obesity?? All of this is really reassuring. So has your mother been able to loose weight in refeeding at all? not tham I am obsessed with it, but just don’t think I have much flexibility to gain much more without being physical taxed.
Wow, is all I can say about the stress hormones. I always thought I handled outside stressor with ease, now in hind-sight I see that, that could have simply been because my body was so use to running high on its internal stressors, that a few extra external ones didn’t mean much. The last couple of days has also showed me two things; when I have that cement brick feeling in my stomach, and when I am unbearably hot, with a nausea towards eating, that food surprisingly makes me feel 100% better. Is this perhaps my biofeedback that I am burning something other than “food fuel”?
also- thanks for the info on “gilbert’s” as no one has every delved into that with me. I have always been restrictive & conscious towards “drug” consumption, a “my body, my temple” thing. (yes, just another thing to make me feel guilty and hypocritical for being fat.)

Thanks again both, I will look into the sites you recommended.