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I thought I would post a typical day’s diet for her…

Breakfast: some combo of: oatmeal with fruit and butter, sausage or bacon, spelt or rice bread toast with jelly/honey and butter, homemade granola (oats, coconut oil, sugar, nuts, raisins) with almond milk, orange juice

Lunch: green salad with avocado (she loves salads), olive oil dressing, olive oil potato chips, fruit, tuna, hummus with spelt or rice bread, homemade soup (usually vegetable or turkey), rice, leftover dinner

Snack: olive oil potato chips, dried or fresh fruit, cookies (TJ’s Snickerdoodles, Pamela’s GF or homemade), fruit puree/applesauce, “veggie chips”, homemade jello, granola bar (oats, nuts, dried fruit, honey, coconut)

Dinner: turkey or pork loin, salmon, shrimp or other fish/shellfish, rice, veggies cooked in butter, paella, turkey-broth based soup, beans (black beans, pintos)

Dessert: baked apples or pears, coconut “ice cream”, coconut rice pudding, dark chocolate, homemade cookies

What do you think? Should I be worried about too much A.A/vegetable/seed oils?