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A lot of Matt’s writing is aimed primarily at people who have low metabolisms due to dieting or other kinds of specific food restriction but there are many other reasons for a low metabolism. You may not need to drastically change how you eat (though I think you do need to erase the “bad” and “good” labels from food). Some of the other causes for low metabolism are stress (physical, mental, and/or emotional) and insufficient sleep.

The other thing to consider is whether you’ve dieted unconsciously. That’s a big part of how I tanked my own metabolism. I’ve never intentionally restricted calories but I’d gotten too concerned with good and bad foods and ended up eating a diet that was too satiating and not appealing enough and despite never letting myself get hungry I was significantly undereating.

Once I read Matt Stone and counted calories for a couple days (first time in my life!) and started trying to increase my overall calories I struggled to even eat 2000 in a day more than one day in a row and having reduced my water intake due to it making me feel cold instantly I was always thirsty. Eventually I rediscovered the joy that is milk for me. I can’t even remember why I stopped drinking it years ago and I’d managed to convince myself I didn’t really like it anymore. Now I drink at least a half gallon of whole milk every day and I don’t find any drink more satisfying when I’m thirsty. Right there is an additional 1200 calories every day that doesn’t affect appetite at all. I noticed a jump in my basal temps really quickly after that change and after a few months of it I’m less sensitive to water too.

A temp in the 96’s means SOMETHING is wrong but feel free to wait until it feels right. Read Matt’s Raising Metabolism eCourse for a while and see if any of it resonates with you. Those of use who have seen improvements can get really excited for others to join in but it can be kind of hard to wrap your brain around such controversial ides before you’re ready. It was over a year between the first time I heard Matt’s ideas and me going back to look into them again without dismissing him as a crackpot. :)